Primate Paradise Inc., was founded in 1993 as a small private collection of primates.

We were designated as a nonprofit foundation in 2003 for the rescue of primates in need of permanent placement and as an educational resource for primate owners and the general public.

Large outdoor natural habitats are currently home for 25 primates.

The primates spend their lives with groups of their own species, foraging in the natural foliage and bamboo for lizards, insects, and anything else that makes a delicious treat.

A diet consisting of monkey-chow, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains is provided daily.

The overhead canopy of large trees provide opportunities for natural primate behaviors of climbing, swinging, or simply perching on a nice branch for a snooze.

Each open habitat has a lock-down enclosure which is equipped to provide heat and shelter from inclement weather.